The training takes place according to the standards of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the Swiss FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation. This guarantees the recognition of the license in most European countries.

  • Private pilot
  • Trial flight
  • Continuing education
  • Commercial pilot

Training private pilot

The Private Pilot License (PPL) entitles you to conduct flights by day and under visual flight conditions. You can take your family, friends and acquaintances with you as a passagary. You have the freedom to take short sightseeing flights in the region, fascinating alpine sightseeing flights or even air travel abroad.

A trial lesson gives you the opportunity to experience a flight without obligation, with an instructor and at Hausen am Albis. You'll be able to control the aircraft yourself for the most part.

Training levels

The training to become a private pilot is divided into several training levels.

In the basic training they learn the "4 fundamentals" - flying straight and curved, climbing and sinking. You learn to take off and land the plane. It continues with flights where they learn to navigate to other airfields. A big highlight for every pilot is the first solo flight - i.e. without a flight instructor on board. This takes place in the first half of the training.

More navigation flights will follow. This also includes the alpine instructions, where you learn how to behave properly in the Alps. They will perform solo navigation flights on board - including another highlight of the 270km solo navigation flight, where they will stop at two other airfields.

The training is completed with a test flight, which is approved by an examiner from the FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation.


There is no legal minimum age to start private pilot training. For the first solo flight, the trainee must be at least 16 years old. A minimum age of 17 is required to apply for the license.

In addition, an aeronautical examination by a medical officer of the FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation must be passed. SWISS maintains its own medical service, which can carry out the aviation medical examination.

More information on the SWISS Medical Services website

The training can theoretically be started without a medical examination. You only need “Medical Class 2” for your first solo flight. However, we recommend clarifying your suitability to fly before you start your training.

Trial flight order

By filling out the form and clicking on "Order" you will receive the desired Trial flightvoucher and the corresponding invoice. Our trial flights take place from Monday to Friday. Trial flights on Saturday can currently only be planned via stand-by/waiting list due to high demand. Thank you very much!


We offer advanced training courses in the following areas:

  • Class Rating Single Engine Piston (SEP)
  • Night flight training NIT
  • Habituation/Familiarization
  • Training & Refresher Flights (JAR/EASA)
  • Revalidations (JAR/EASA) & Renewals (EASA)
  • Supervision of the FI/CRI internship
  • English Language Proficiency Check

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Lufthansa Aviation Training

Are you aiming for a career as an airline pilot and would you like to apply to SWISS? Follow this link:

The training takes place at Lufthansa Aviation Training.