General terms and conditions of business

The execution of a flight is at the discretion of the respective pilot. Based on external circumstances (e.g. meteorological conditions, performance and weight of the aircraft) and based on his experience, he decides whether the planned flight can be carried out within the permissible limits. This can also be adjusted again shortly before take-off (e.g. if the passengers are already at the airport).

Passengers must obey the pilot's instructions at all times to ensure a safe flight.

The pilot reserves the right to deny boarding to a passenger whose behavior (e.g. excessive consumption of alcohol) gives rise to doubts about the safe operation of a flight or to comply with any applicable law, regulation or official regulation. (e.g. International Sanctions, Medical Condition, etc.).

Smoking is prohibited on all flights. You may not consume alcohol that you have brought with you personally on board our aircraft. You are also not allowed to bring or use drugs on board.

For safety reasons, the pilot may prohibit or limit the use of electronic devices on board the aircraft, including but not limited to cell phones, laptop computers, portable recording devices, portable radios, CD players, electronic games or transmission devices, remote control toys and walkie-talkies. Please clarify this with the pilot before the flight.
Wearing hearing aids or pacemakers is permitted.

Children under the age of 12 and/or persons with cognitive disabilities may only travel unaccompanied by an adult with our consent. Please clarify this with the pilot before the flight. (We want to be sure that everyone on board can understand and follow the pilot's instructions).

Passengers can cancel their flight experience up to 48 hours before the flight date without incurring any costs and make a new appointment.

For cancellations at short notice (<48 hours) before the flight date, a processing fee will be charged and deducted from the flight time. The amount of the processing fee depends on the effort already made by the pilot and the costs incurred (e.g. reservation fees). Please discuss this with your pilot or contact our club.

If there are reasons that cause the pilot not to take off (not caused by the passenger), the flight will be operated at a later time.
In this case, you will not incur any additional costs. The association bears the internal costs, but does not assume any costs for the journey or other expenses of the passengers.

The pilot can terminate any flight prematurely if he fears that the safety of the passengers or the aircraft may be compromised. If a flight is terminated prematurely due to a pilot's decision, a new voucher will be issued for any difference between the agreed price and the service provided, or the passenger will be paid the difference at his request. Circumstances that are the fault of a passenger's improper behavior and have led to early termination are excluded from this. In this case, a new voucher will not be issued and no refund will be made.

The value of the voucher will be refunded in Swiss francs, without interest or cost-of-living adjustments, less fees, see below.

The voucher can only be refunded by the holder within its period of validity without giving reasons. The value of the voucher will be transferred to the voucher holder after deducting a processing fee of CHF 75.00. The processing time can be up to 60 days.

Messageless vouchers are deleted after 5 years and credited to the SFC.

In exceptional cases, price increases for the flight can be claimed. These can either be repaid in the form of a deduction from the stated flight time or then by making an additional payment.

Refunds in the event of cancellation will be made with a processing fee of CHF 75.00. If additional processing fees apply (see above regarding processing fees), these are cumulative.

SFC reserves the right to refuse the refund if the flight does not take place or is canceled due to passenger misconduct or if processing fees are higher than the value of the voucher.

The sightseeing flights take place as part of a marginal activity in accordance with EASA Part NCO in Switzerland based on EU Regulation 965/2012. The take-off and landing airfields must therefore be identical. The flights are operated as paid private flights and not as commercial flights within the meaning of Art. 100 LFV. The sightseeing flights are therefore subject to special rules regarding insurance cover for paid private flights, i.e. the insurance is basically the responsibility of the passenger! the passenger